Set the stage... why do we even care about kit on a lid assays. Why is new technology necessary? Overview: what does KOALA bring to the table.

Can we mention that we are still looking for the "right" application


KOALA Overview

How it works, the fundamentals behind it. Can have any number of lids, can hold different arrangements of reagents, can be applied in specific orders. Variety of assays. Can vary channel design

KOALA TM Standard Assays

(show the video of the KOALA assay operation)
How it works:

The Air jump advantage

KOALA TM High Density Assays

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How it works The SLIDE advantage


Where do we see this being used. Where have we used this? What are we using it for now?

Products using ESP

We have yet to find the "perfect" application for KOALA. As salus continues to grow we are putting more resources into development of the KOALA assay. Talk about the funding that we have acquired to study KOALA and develop applications.

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