Sample Preparation

Set the stage... why do we even care about sample preparation. Why is new technology necessary? Overview: what does ESP bring to the table.

The field of sample preparation is in need of new technologies that give users the simplicity, reliability, and versatility that they deserve. We introduce Exclusion-based sample preparation (ESP), a technology that leverage surface tension to do just this.


ESP Overview

Explain what ESP is. Why it works, Why it is important. Why should people care.

Air Jump TM

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How it works:

The Air jump advantage


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How it works The SLIDE advantage


We use ESP to isolate RNA, DNA, Proteins, Whole Cells
Ammenable to nearly any bead type
We have tested this for plants and mammalian tissues New functionalities (weakly bound/multi analyte others) Streamline workflows Picture that highlights the advantages and show examples (Uganda, CTC project, Protein work)

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Products using ESP

Salus discovery is continuously developing new collaborations to bring ESP technology to market. Discuss EXTRACTMAN TM and link to Gilsons Extractman Website. Tell readers to go see our partners. Can we mention automated or semi-automated?

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