Salus seeks partners interested in developing improved sample preparation solutions across a range of applications, analytes, samples and market segments. Any separation performed with paramagnetic particles can benefit from ESP technology. While our current focus is in the biomedical sciences, ESP technology has application across many fields.


Applications - protein isolations, cell separations, mRNA isolation, DNA isolation, ...

Markets - agricultural biotechnology, basic research, animal and human diagnostics, food monitoring, ...

Analytes - cells, proteins, nucleic acids, ...

Samples - cell lysate, blood, plants, urine, sputum, food, ...


Speed - Single step replaces multiple steps 

Cost - Simple consumables, easy to manufacture 

Streamlined workflows - Reduce or eliminate liquid transfers, reduce loss 

Sensitivity - Increased ability to capture weakly bound interactions 

Non destructive sampling - Enables comprehensive analysis of multiple analytes from rare/precious samples 

Simple operation - Easy to automate with existing robotics & easy to integrate into devices.